It was a frightening Monday afternoon for Sandra Campbell in Houston County. Strong winds were hitting her home as she rushed into her bathroom.

There, she heard four trees fall down and branches hitting her roof.

The trees fell on her and her husband’s fence, pool screen, backyard shed, and RV.

But her husband wasn’t with her in the bathroom.

“Oh, I was panicking really, because I wanted him in there with me, but I knew something was happening outside, I just didn't know what,” Campbell said in her dining room after the storm.

Her husband Barry did know what was happening outside because he was watching, something he said he probably shouldn't have been doing.

<p>Tree damage in Houston County</p>

“Oh, I was looking out the dinette window. I've seen a couple hurricanes, a couple tornadoes, so I thought I'd see another one. Although I can tell you now that I've seen this one, it's not wise to watch them,” Campbell said.

Just a street over, Larry Bailey was making a sandwich for lunch when he heard a loud crash.

“You know, I just thought, 'Gosh, what happened?' And then I walked back to our master bedroom, and by that time, the ceiling fan fell down and then part of the sheetrock started falling,” Bailey told WMAZ in his backyard.

That's because a large tree had fallen on the corner of his home. Bailey said he was just lucky neither he nor his wife were in the room.

“Yes, we were really lucky. I guess the good Lord was looking out for us,” Bailey said.

Both Bailey and the Campbells were already talking with their insurance companies to start cleaning up the damage on Monday afternoon.

Houston County EMA Jimmy Williams said they had no reported injuries from the storm. He said the County had only heard of downed power lines, downed streetlights, and only knew of a few homes with tree damage.