A Houston County man is charged with killing his 5-month-old son.

Ortiz Smothers is in the Houston County jail, according to Capt. Randall Banks with Houston County Juvenile Division.

He says an ambulance took the boy to the hospital Monday with head injuries. The boy was staying with Smothers at the home of Smothers’ cousin on Faye Circle, outside Perry. The boy’s mother lives in Unadilla.

According to Banks, Smothers called out to someone for help, who then called 911.

The boy died the next day, Tuesday, from his injuries.

Banks says investigators arrested Ortiz Smothers, the next day.

He is charged with malice murder, which means they believe he inflicted the injuries on the child deliberately and without provocation.

Autopsy results are still pending on the child.

Banks says more charges may be added.