A man is dead after being shot in the chest in Houston County on Thursday morning. The incident is being investigated as a homicide.

The man who died is Curtis Thomas, 23. He was shot in the chest, according to Houston County Coroner Danny Galpin.

Thomas did not live in the neighborhood where the shooting occurred, according to Capt. Ronnie Harlowe with the sheriff's office.

Thomas was shot at about 11 a.m. in the street in the 100 block of Maplewood Drive in the Pinewood Village Mobile home park. He lived about a mile away from that address, according to Harlow.

After he was shot, Thomas was taken to the Houston County Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

At least two neighbors who live in the area said they heard more than one shot. One neighbor said she heard three pops.

Deputies blocked off roads in the neighborhood after the shooting.

Investigators have not reported any arrests.

Rodney Baldwin Jr. has lived on the street for about 2 years. He says he knows the neighborhood has a violent history with shootings.

Baldwin says he has installed security cameras at his property because of it.

"You know I'm an old veteran and so you know I protect my property as much as possible, so I have some things installed so that way I can protect if someone was to break in my property or harm my family," Baldwin said in his front yard.

He says he slept in unusually late on Thursday and did not hear any shots. So far, on his security tapes, he's only seen the usual traffic. But, he says the Houston County Sheriff's Office did ask to review them.

"You know I'm a combat veteran. I used to shoot on tanks, I was a tank commander, so you know when it comes down to shooting and all that kind of stuff I'm concerned about my family and my neighbors. Other than that, I'm not really scared of the so called killings and stuff like that," Baldwin said about the neighborhood's history.

Other neighbors also expressed concern about recent crime in the area.