Incident reports from the Houston County Sheriff's Office give more details from people who say a pool company owner took payments from them and never did the work he was paid to do.

Jacob Wiggins, 42, owner of Perry-based Cool Breeze Pools and Spas on Courtney Hodges Boulevard, has been charged with three felony counts of theft by conversion, according to the sheriff's office.

David Harris of Hawkinsville told investigators he paid Wiggins $4,000 on March 24 to replace his pool liner and fix or repair several other items listed on a contract, an incident report states. Harris told investigators that Wiggins said he could not start work for about five or six weeks.

After nine weeks, Wiggins hadn't showed up. When Harris reached him, Wiggins said he'd start work on June 26, but didn't show up again, the report states. Wiggins finally showed up on July 8 and the only thing he did was remove the old liner, the report states.

Dinah Childers of Perry told investigators she hired Wiggins in December 2016 to replace her pool liner and to complete some concrete work. Wiggins gave her an invoice for $8,645, an incident report states. She paid Wiggins four separate payments of $2,000.

Childers reported that Wiggins said he'd complete the work by March 27 and as of July 19 the liner was still not installed, the report states. She continued calling Wiggins telling him to just give her the liner and she'd have someone else install it.

Wiggins said 'no,' he'd do the work. Childers called the company Wiggins said he purchased the liner from and was told Wiggins never purchased the liner, the report states.

Antonio Delgado of Warner Robins told investigators he contracted with Wiggins for a job totaling $16,660. He wanted to fill in the deep end of his pool adding a waterfall which included a special liner and concrete work, the incident report states.

He made several payments to Wiggins - one for $2,860, another for $3,000 and another for $4,500. Work was started on May 25, but Delgado told investigators it's not even close to being complete, the report states. Delgado called Wiggins many times asking when work would resume and each time Wiggins gave him an excuse.

13WMAZ was able to get ahold of Wiggins over the phone on Tuesday. He denied any wrongdoing, saying the accusations were made up.

Eventually, he directed questions to his attorney and hung up. WMAZ reached out to his attorney's office, that phone call was not returned.