At the Houston County Commission meeting Tuesday night, one teenager was recognized for winning the national 4-H Youth in Action Award.

Amelia Day started a project called Operation Veteran Smiles back in 2012. She supplies veterans with a handmade card and a hygiene packet. It is all possible thanks to donations and two grants.

Since the program started she has been able to help 4,000 Georgia veterans, and now the program is expanding to other states. Day says just seeing the reaction of the veterans is reward enough.

"You never realize how important something so small as a care package could mean for somebody, so when they receive these care packages and these cards that people took time out of their day to make for them, they are so excited because they know that somebody is thinking of them,” says Day.

She says the program is expanding to Asheville and Chicago in August. So far, Day has helped about 500 veterans in other states with her program.