More than 400 job candidates walked through the doors of Veterans High School in Kathleen on Saturday for Houston County’s annual teacher recruitment fair.

The candidates met teachers and principals from all schools in the county – from elementary to high school.

They conducted interviews and gave out information to those seeking employment.

Deputy superintendent Cindy Flesher says most of the available jobs will close by the middle of next week.

“We have about 118 vacant positions,” said Flesher. “One of the things that I told the teacher candidates this morning is that at last year's new teacher orientation when I asked them how many of them participated in the teacher recruitment fair last year, 75 percent of them raised their hands and said that they participated.”

The projected pay for a first year teacher with a bachelor's degree is $38,265 and a person with a master's degree is about $43,000.

All employees are also provided free gym membership at three locations in Houston County.