Every parent knows that back to school shopping can be expensive, and many of those supply lists are getting longer and longer each year.

Kasandra Ortiz set out on a mission to see just how much it would cost to pay for those pens, pencils, and much more.

There are the usual things on the school supply list like pens, pencils, and paper, but there are also some things on the list that are not so typical like tissues, printer paper, and headphones.

"One of his supply lists called for 40 glue sticks, and I was thinking, 'No, I'll just get the 2 pack of glue sticks,'” says student Brittany Moore.

Lois Exum is now shopping to donate school supplies to kids who need them, but she used to come to shop for her kids.

"Their school supply list wasn't as long as it is now. I mean, now they have to have computer paper, which the school furnished that back then,” says Exum.

Ei'eshia Johnson came to Walmart to school shop for her two little boys. She says it has changed since she was in school.

"It's a lot more that they have to get now than we had to get when we were young,” says Johnson.

She also says not having a tax-free holiday in Georgia should not make much of a difference.

"I mean, it really doesn't matter because, at the same time, you're going to get what you have to get, whether it's tax-free or not,” explains Johnson.

So with our list checked off and our cart full, how much did it cost us at the end? The grand total was $83.02 for just one fifth grade student, the price parents pay to ensure their kids are ready and prepared to go back to school.

According to USA Today, on average, parents with school age children spend $100 per student on supplies.

Also add in clothing, shoes, and electronics, and the average cost of sending a child to back to class could skyrocket to over $600.