Former classmates, teachers, and neighbors gathered Thursday night to remember Sam Poss.

"I couldn't believe it at first. I was awestruck," Taylor said. "I couldn't believe someone wouldn't want to hurt Sam like that. I couldn't believe someone would want to take a precious life."

Keara Mcanally said it was like a silence fell on Perry High School.

"It was as if the school kind of just stopped. Teachers were grieving, students were grieving, going in a classroom and seeing band kids torn up was probably the hardest part," Mcanally said.

Katie Cox has known him for six years and says the past week has been the toughest days of her life.

"It's incredibly hard. I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to hurt him ever," Cox said. "He was so good."

Cox wants everyone to know that he won't be forgotten.

"He was never helpless. He was always smart and cunning and ambitious," Cox said. "He really wouldn't have wanted all of this attention and for all of us to mourn for him like this."

Funeral arrangements for Sam Poss have yet to be announced.