As a result of the chaos in Charlottesville, many right here in Central Georgia are hosting anti-hate rallies to show their support.

Monday night, hundreds of people marched through downtown Macon to demonstrate love, solidarity, and anti-discrimination.

"Macon has zero tolerance for any white supremacy, or any intolerance, or any bigotry," says local activist Demarcus Beckham.

The demonstrators met in Rosa Parks Square as local activists and religious leaders took the podium to preach the need for love, inclusiveness, and anti-discrimination throughout Macon.

"I believe that we not only have what it takes to not only set a standard for the state, but a standard for the entire country! How one city moves forward together, regardless of the issues of black, white, or Hispanic," says activist Danny Glover.

The crowd then marched from Rosa Parks Square to the Tubman Museum, holding signs, singing, and praying.

Kadar Jones was among the hundreds who showed up to the rally.

"After this weekend, I just had to come out and make my stand and show that I am against what happened. I am against the whole philosophy of racism and bigotry, and I just had to do something, so I am starting right here," says Jones.

And Jones hopes others will follow his example.