Over 400 kids took place in the Regional Archery Tournament that was held Friday, February 2018 at the Perry Fairgrounds.

As you can imagine, there were many teams in attendance, including the Calvary Knights from Columbus, Georgia. Even though they were on the bus for awhile, it was alright because they are all passionate about the sport.

"I like that in some ways it is a individual sport, so it is just you keeping up with your score," Michaela Williams said, who plays with the Calvary Knights.

Williams said she likes that it is a team-oriented sport even though it does sometimes have an individualistic nature.

"But I also really like that you also to have a team to get farther and succeed, I like that about it. I would say it is a team sport like, yes, you're in charge of your own score, but you need your team's help to get whatever tournament," Williams said.

Williams said that archery has also given her some life tips, too.

"When you need to only focus on one thing and like push everything else out at the moment, because when you're on the line, you really have to push all the other aside," Williams said.

If the Knights win the tournament, they will have a chance to compete at the state level in March.