Halloween is a few days away, but the roads in north Macon were taken over by witches, goblins and a few superheroes.

The Trek or Treat 5K is just one of four races held at the event on Saturday morning, but the younger kids get to have the most fun.

“We have our Unspooky Sprint which is a 1-mile run for kids 12 and under, and a candy mile where they get to walk the one-mile route and collect thousands and thousands of pieces of candy,” said Jay's Hope community relations coordinator Christie Johnson.

Riley Baron shared his secrets on filling his bucket on the candy mile.

“Mostly you got only one or two pieces at each stop. Sometimes if you’re lucky, some would fall on the ground,” said Baron.

He wasn’t like the majority of the kids on the sugary trail though, he’s a cancer survivor who benefited from the work of Jay's Hope and the money this event raises.

“It's helped me over the years very much. It's helped me get through a lot that’s gone on,” said Baron.

Jay's Hope not only helps kids like Riley, but their family with support services.

“We’re giving them services in the midst of their battle with childhood cancer,” said Johnson. "We're handing out gas cards to get to treatment, we’re paying mortgages for parents that maybe leave their job to take care of their kids, we have tutors that tutor kids while they’re on treatment.”

She says all the kids want is to be normal, just like every other kid.

“When they get to come like this and be amongst others and kind of do what kids do and not be looked at differently, it’s really a big deal for them,” said Johnson.

For Riley... that’s blending in as Indiana Jones, and seeing some other neat costumes too.

“It’s cool to see how all the kids are inspired to wear their costumes and express themselves to show what they enjoy,” said Baron.