Each week we give you updates on the I-16/I-75 interchange construction project and how it will affect your drive.

However, work on the highway is not only affecting drivers, but also homeowners.

Yvonne Thomas spoke to people in the Shirley Hills community who say the construction noise is becoming a distraction.

Every day, drivers in Macon roll past construction sites, but for some homeowners, yellow cranes and dump trucks are right outside their backyard.

“Now, it's really bad...just constant noise,” said homeowner Jobe Barker Sr.

Barker and more than a dozen other homeowners live near the I-75 and I-16 split where contractors are clearing trees for the highway expansion.

“Believe it or not...trees are just trees, but in our case they were a very good barrier,” said Yulanda Key.

Now bumper to bumper traffic and the sounds of machines moving pavement are loud and clear.

“This machinery. It's going all the time. Early in the morning or late at night,” said Key.

She lives down the street and says her neighborhood used to be quiet.

“We're pretty much on the traffic with the highway as you can see,” said Key

Key, Barker, and several other people say a noise barrier wall could help make a difference.

“I'm quite sure that will deter a lot of the noise,” said Barker.

“Walnut Street has barrier walls, but there's no care at all for how we're feeling,” said Key.

Even though the highway project will continue, these homeowners just want their concerns to be heard above the noise.

“This is their job, however this is our home and we have to live and rest here,” said Key.

The noise is such a problem that homeowners like Key have considered moving.

We've asked the Department of Transportation about building a barrier wall for the neighborhood and have not gotten a response yet.