November 22, 1992.

To most people, it was just another day, but to people in Putnam County, it was the day an EF-4 tornado terrorized homes that stood their ground for generations.

"I bought this place from my father," Homeowner Dewey Scott said, "And he bought it from my grandfather. Everyone has been so generous. We gonna get by, we gonna make it."

The outbreak was a series of 105 tornadoes starting November 21 in Houston, Texas, and ending November 23 in the Carolinas.

It caused more than $700 million of damage across the Southeast.

The damage was so severe, that Macon county Mennonites traveled miles to help people like Jan Param clean up.

"I can never repay them," Param said, "Just say, 'Thank you.'"

We are now coming up on the 25 year anniversary of the tornado.

All is quiet in Putnam County, but the memories, Harry Doster says, are still so loud. "It just, it was so wide, it caused so much destruction."

Doster says his priority was keeping his loved ones safe.

"I said, 'If I holler at y'all, you get out of here and go lay in front of the ditch in front of the house,'" Doster continued, "It was about a 4- or 5-foot ditch."

Harry Doster

And just as the Mennonites did, Doster, who worked for Georgia Power at the time, knew what his next task was.

"I looked at my wife and I said, 'I gotta get to work. Ain't no sense in them having to call me,'" Doster said.

The town was torn apart 25 years ago, but was repaired by the kindness of others.