The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says they arrested 48 people, seized 13 guns and 25 vehicles and 50 citations were issued all in an attempt to make several Macon neighborhoods safer. The Sheriff’s Office is calling it Operation Neighborhood Redemption.

One of the neighborhoods they targeted is Houston Avenue. Lashondra Walker says she lives off of Houston Avenue in Pendleton Homes. Leaving home, Walker says she feels safe.

“I thought I was going to die,” says Walker.

But she says there was a time when she did not feel safe.

“Walking to that Family Dollar in that little plaza right there and we got robbed at gun point, and the guy took everything we had. By the grace of God, he didn't shoot us. He shot in the air,” says Walker.

For years, Walker says she lived in fear and never wanted to leave home.

“But as time progressed and I start seeing more police officer help and coming to Pendleton Homes, I’ve seen less and less dealing with that,” says Walker.

In the last year, Walker says she has noticed a big increase in police presence along Houston Avenue, but she says it is even more comforting to know the Sheriff’s Office is focusing on neighborhoods like hers through this operation.

“I can walk my daughter down the street and not worry about getting shot or robbed,” says Walker.

Walker's neighbor, Cordella Cray, says she also feels safer knowing law enforcement is cracking down on the area.

“It make you feel good make you know that there is concern about peoples in the neighborhood which to me means all lives matter,” says Cray.

Both Cray and Walker say they feel like thanks to the Sheriff’s Office, their neighborhood is heading in a positive direction.

“I feel very safe, and I’m grateful for the police officers,” says Walker.

The Sheriff’s Office says this investigation is still ongoing, and they thanked people in these neighborhoods who reached out to them with crime tips.