At the Carl Vinson Medical Center in Dublin, they serve 38,000 veterans from all over Central Georgia. Junior Journalist Elinor Ruth has some of their stories.

Army veteran Greg Swars remembers Christmas Day in 1990, the day he left for Desert Storm.

"The minute I crossed underneath that door frame, you know, I had to commit. I had a commitment to my soldiers. My mission changed -- I had to bring my soldiers home, and that's what i did," Swars said.

Swars says leaving behind family is one of the toughest parts, but is something so many veterans are forced to do.

"My wife was pregnant with my son, my daughter was only 16 months old," Swars says when talking about his deployment.

Family is a big part of service and helped influence these veterans to enlist.

"My husband who's an Army veteran, my oldest sister, an Army veteran," Glenice Towns, a Navy veteran says, telling us about her line of family service.

For Heather King, an Air Force veteran, her uncles and parents inspired her.

Now, Mrs.King, retired from the service, works at the VA so she can give back to those who served.

"That's the best part of what I do, is I have an opportunity to tell stories that other people don't hear necessarily when they walk into the VA," King says.

Although her Air Force pride, you could say, isn't retired.

"Not saying it's the best force, but all the other branches are not as good as the Air Force," King says.

They may root for different teams, but they all agree, they would never take back their years of serving.

"I would do it all over again," Swars says.

"Just to see other cultures, just to see how lucky we are to be citizens of the United States," Towns says was the best part of her service.

Veteran's Day is Saturday, so be sure to take a small time to thank those who spent a large amount of time serving our country.