As the weather starts cooling down, the risk of the roads icing over increases.

So Nicole Butler went out to the Georgia Driving School to get some advice on how to prep ourselves and our vehicles for the winter weather.

CEO of Georgia Driving School, Jacqueline Queen says black ice is one of the biggest concerns for drivers during the winter.

"Now if you encounter black ice, hydroplaning or going into a skid it can happen in speeds as little as 30 miles per hour," she says.

She gave some advice about preventing a skid.

"Turn in the direction that the car is headed don't fight the wheel don't try to over compensate that tends to make you lose control," Queen says.

After regaining control of the car, Queen has a few key rules to keep in mind when the conditions are harsh: Slow down, know your route so you aren't looking down at your GPS or mobile device and clean your windows so they don't fog up.

But Queen says the biggest mistake people make is following too close.

"What I like to tell people is I wanna see all four tires of the car in front of me and I want to see daylight under that car. We can't be so close that all we can see is tail lights and their license plate that's way too close," she says.

Also checking your tire pressure and topping off your fluids is another way you can prep for vehicles for the freezing temps.

Queen says all of these small tips can help prevent losing a life, and keep you and others around you that much safer on the roadways!

Queen added that because we don't get these cold snaps too often many people aren't prepared for the driving conditions.

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