Crews are already preparing what will soon become a movie set for Rampage, a film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“It’s a home run for us as a community and we're super excited about it,” said Terrell Sandefur of the Macon Film Commission.

He says the commission worked with the production company to help scout potential locations for the film.

“We got for them what they were looking for their locations they were looking for. Obviously, it worked,” Sandefur said.

They settled on a couple buildings at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport including the fire station on the site.

According to the International Movie Database (IMDB) website, the movie is based on the 1980s video game that features apes and monsters that destroy cities. County spokesman Chris Floore says that shouldn’t happen here in Macon.

“I've not been made aware of any large apes that will be destroying the airport,” Floore said.

The production company, S&K Pictures, signed a contract with the county that allows them to make changes to the buildings during filming. That includes being able to change signs and pressure wash the sidewalks.

In exchange, they agreed to pay the county $45,000 to film for 3 days at the airport.

Sandefur says a big movie like Rampage brings more to the economy than that $45,000 fee.

“It’s not only the permits for the city, the location fees for the location, but it’s the hotels, the food they buy while they’re here, the restaurants,” Sandefur said.

That’s why he says he’s working to bring even more big films to town.

“We've got so many locations that Atlanta doesn’t have, that a lot of cities don’t have, and that’s our strength, that’s what we as a film commissions market and promote, the things that every other city doesn’t have, and it's worked up until this point,” Sandefur said.

Crews are expected to start filming May 10th, and are expected to film for three days.

We reached out to the film's unit publicist, Gregg Brilliant for more details about the scenes being shot it Macon, but he was unable to release further information at this time, saying “It's just a bit premature for us to discuss details of the storyline and the scene. However, I expect to be able to release some more information very soon.”