Tuesday is National Pancake Day and IHOP is hosting the pancake party to give back to children in need. Yvonne Thomas spoke to a few pancake lovers who are using this sweet treat to make other people's lives even sweeter.

One day each year, IHOP serves free short stacks and asks the community to serve others. “We're going to give a way about 5 million pancakes today nationwide,” said IHOP Manager Frankie Marero. “It's always great to support an organization that does phenomenal work in the community,” said Chris Tsavatewa. “I wasn't going to get up and get out, but as soon as they mentioned the Children's Miracle Network, I had to get up and go,” said Michael McClendon.

In exchange for a hot meal, IHOP is collecting donations for the Children's Miracle Network. “Programs like this gives parents peace of mind to know that kids have a fighting chance and support,” said McClendon. “I think any donation counts,” said Morgan Mullis, Miss Georgia Collegiate High School System.

And for parents like Chris Tsavatewa, fundraisers like this reminds him to be grateful. “We are really blessed that we do have two healthy children,” said Tsavatewa. “I can only imagine the trauma and the worry that those parents may feel.” “These kids are innocent and they got dealt a hand,” said McClendon.

But people say they want to help these children and their families, and hundreds of people in Central Georgia have their back. “I want them to realize that God will always be on their side,” said McClendon.

IHOP reps say their goal this year is to raise $3.5 million.