Sunday's apartment fire in Warner Robins has some of you talking about being prepared in case of an emergency. In case you forgot, or you've never been taught, Perry Fire Lieutenant Kenneth Genthner has this refresher:

"If your house is on fire, and it's a big fire, get out," Genthner said. "Shut your doors, go outside, call 911. If it's a small fire that you are not panicking about and you feel you can comfortably put that fire out, you can try it with your fire extinguisher."

Genthner says follow the PASS method. First, you PULL out the pin, then you AIM the nozzle at the base of the fire, then you SQUEEZE down on the handle, and SWEEP at the base.

"I've actually seen where they forgot to take the pin out, and when they squeezed down, it actually bent the top of the handle down," Genthner said. "So then when they actually did pull the pin out, the handle was already touching down, so it won't let it squeeze."

That's a common mistake Genthner sees. He says you should get your fire extinguisher inspected once a year, and flip it upside down and back every few months to keep the powder from settling.

Genthner says the average person should keep an ABC class fire extinguisher in their home in case of small appliance fires. You can purchase a basic one for about $20.