With many in Central Georgia still out of power, many businesses in Ingleside say they have had to close.

Alabama Power trucks lined Ingleside Avenue Friday, working to get power back on after Irma. But many businesses there say they have had to close for nearly a week.

"It's hard to give up a whole week of business,” says owner of Creter’s, Patsy Knott.

They say it is especially hard for small businesses.

"We've had a lot of people come to the door and want to shop, but since we don't have any power, we can't let anybody come in,” explains Knott.

At the paint shop across the street, owner Benji Lewis says they have taken a big hit because many of the items they use to work every day run off electricity.

"All the computers are down. Of course, the paint shakers don't' work so we can't shake any paint. Since everything is on the computer, we can't look up anything, formulas or anything. So we're pretty much dead in the water,” explains Lewis.

Even with a sign outside, they have still been getting lots of customers come to the door.

"They've got power and they don't understand why we don't have power, so we're just here to tell them everything's going to be OK. We'll have power eventually, maybe tomorrow, I hope,” says Lewis.

But even after losing thousands of dollars this week, they say they hope business will be booming this weekend.

"Since we've been closed for a week, I suspect Saturday will be insane around here,” says Lewis.

That is if they get power restored in time. They say many of the businesses that sell food on their street had to get a generator or throw much of their perishables away. They also say food businesses without power for more than a day have to get reinspected by the health department.