It's been four months since 63-year-old Vivian Puente Napoles was found dead in her East Macon apartment.

Gabrielle Dawkins spoke to Bibb County Investigators to get the latest on a case that shocked her neighborhood.

"I was very shocked. She was a very nice lady," says Mcintyre.

Eddie Mcintyre remembers sitting on his porch and greeting Vivian Puente-Napoles a few times a week.

"She'll just come up and strike up a good conversation and we'll laugh and talk. Far as like neighbors, it couldn't be no better," says

In May, tragedy struck. Puente-Napoles' death stunned neighbors. Someone cut her throat inside her apartment.

How did that happen?

Since the killing, McIntyre has noticed a few changes in the apartment complex run by River's Edge.

"After the incident, they beefed up the security and put up new lights making sure everyone is safe," says Mcintyre.

Bibb County investigators say the surveillance cameras around River's Edge showed them who was in and out of Puente Napoles' apartment at the time.

"Her throat was cut, so in order for that to happen, someone has to be in close contact or close to you to do that," says Tobler.

Investigator Eric Tobler says that he followed up on leads, but nothing led to an arrest.

"Due to the severity of the crime, it had to be someone that was familiar with her," says Tobler.

"It brought us closer together, we all look out for each other. If I see someone going at a house and I had never seen them before, and if someone see someone coming at my house and they never seen them before, we ask them who they are looking for," says McIntyre.