Power can come back on, the food in the fridge can be replaced, but one family lost a treasure in Irma that will be very hard to bring back to life.

Jackie and Frankie Kitchens have some cleaning up to do, but this green-and-brown beast in the backyard broke their hearts.

"Well, we never thought of a tree falling on the truck," Jackie admitted.

Buried under the brush and limbs sits a crushed four-wheel piece of their history that dated back to 1970.

"I drove it from 1970 'til 1997," Frankie recalled.

It's a truck that's stood the test of time for over a half a century.

"It's a '65 Ford F150," Frankie stated.

It was a vehicle that was no match for high winds.

"I standing in the kitchen getting me a drink of water and I looked out and I saw these pine trees over here swinging back and forth, and then all of a sudden, I heard a pop, and this one came down across my storage shed and across my antique truck that my grandson and I had been working on for about a year, and I couldn't leave the sink because of the shock," Frankie explained.

"And that really did bother him, and it bothered me because it bothered him because of our grandson because they had put so much time in fixing it up and they were just ready to have it painted,"

But the two generations won't let the special piece of metal fall by the wayside.

After the tears, Frankie's grandson told him he conjured up a plan.

"The cab can't be straightened. What I'm going to do is hang it in my garage as a memento," Frankie said.

And don't be surprised if you see a green 1965 Ford F150 riding down the road one day.

The Kitchens didn't have insurance on the truck since it was a weekend project right now, they said they had planned to get insurance on it once it hit the road.