The Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter (GNFA) announced they are providing 350 stalls for horses of Hurricane Irma evacuees. Stalls are available on a first come, first serve basis. GFNA will not accept any reservations.

GFNA will also provide on-site camping available for the horse owners. People staying on-site will need to provide their own generators and basic necessities. GFNA will provide three bags of shavings per stall for the animals at the time of move-in. Owners are required to provide the necessary feed, hay and tack for their own horses.

Those coming from out of town who are unable to bring all necessary resources can visit local feed stores in the area.

GFNA urges horse owners to plan a secondary site for their animals in case the fairgrounds reach capacity. Additional site locations can be found HERE.

“It is our desire to provide a safe and secure site for equine owners to come and stall their horses during this time of natural disaster," says Philip Gentry, Livestock and Youth Director. "We hope that by offering these stalls to evacuees to house their animals, will help give them a sense of peace and security.”