Friday is National Coffee Day, and people did not hesitate to take advantage, but before grabbing that extra cup, Courteney Jacobazzi set out to see just how much coffee is too much.

Coffee brews at local shops in downtown Macon for National Coffee Day.

So I picked my cup, or my fourth, and took to downtown Macon to see who is coffee crazed like me.

That's when I met photographer John Legg, who always appreciates his first sip.

"It's like that feeling when you're really thirsty and you drink water and it goes through your system, and it just kinda like refreshes you. That's how I feel in the morning when I drink coffee."

Legg says he is often up before the sun in order to get that golden hour lighting. Waking up at this hour, Legg says he normally drinks between two to three cups a day.

But can picking up another cup detriment your health?

Registered Dietician Naomi McKensie says yes.

"There's such a thing as too much coffee, and usually that would be if someone was drinking over 4 cups of coffee, but figure if you're using one of your mugs at home, that's usually 12-16 ounces, so you have to account for that."

Ounces that overpower health.

"Some people may get jittery from drinking too much, and there's some cases where their heart may start beating faster," McKensie says.

However, coffee does carry its benefits, too.

"For some people for them, it might help to lower their blood pressure, if they are type 2 diabetic, sometimes it may help their blood sugar levels."

So coffee lovers unite and raise a mug, just in moderation.