We told you a year ago about a Macon church group, Field of Hope, working to turn a vacant property in the Pleasant Hill neighborhood into a driving range.

Now, that same group is asking the county to take over the Culver Street property so they can use blight bond funds to make the renovations.

Donovan Owens says right in the heart of Pleasant Hill, you will find Culver Street, an area he says has a property full of overgrowth.

“Since I can remember, it’s been covered in kudzu and everything else,” says Owens.

Owens says if a group wants to change that, he is all for it.

“Turning something like this, this big lot, into something recreational, it can show you that you can turn something rough into something beautiful,” says Owens.

Field of Hope wants to give the property back to Bibb County so they can use blight bond funds to turn the vacant lot into a mixed-use field.

“It would be a positive story for our neighborhood who has been under fire,” says the President of Field of Hope, Steven DeGeorge.

DeGeorge says they are hoping to still work on the project with the county as a "Friends of the Park" group, similar to what other groups have done with parks like Tattnall Square Park.

“We're not going anywhere. We would love to be given the opportunity to come around them and support the city and making it something the community would really enjoy and benefit from,” says DeGeorge.

By doing so, he says they are hoping to keep some of their ideas, like incorporating a driving range.

“The golf piece is a way that we feel that we can really utilize it best and kind of match up with some of our community partners,” says DeGeorge.

DeGeorge says it could also provide positive opportunities for kids in the area like potential golf scholarships, which is something Owens says Pleasant Hill needs.

“I feel like it could give it back that fire and that drive to get kids to strive and want to do better,” says Owens.

The county still needs to vote to take over the property. That could happen at next Tuesday’s full commission meeting.