WOODSTOCK, Ga. -- It could be one of the saddest and romantic stories to go down in Woodstock, Georgia history.

For years, a local bookstore owner, Desiree Stewart, has watched a family of geese migrate to, nest in and raise their babies right in the front yard of her store.

A little over a month ago, a speeding and possibly distracted driver hit and killed one of the parents before they could have the chance to nest.

According to an orinthology website, the kind of geese that were traveling to this particular location were Canadian Geese. This particular breed mates for life. Take note humans.

The owner said that most geese will normally stay with their mate, even after its death, until they meet the same fate.

Sadly, the goose who has survived its mate will not leave the front of the building where their partner died.

"I don't want her sleeping all day, everyday continuing to look for something that's never coming back," Stewart said.

Owners of nearby businesses are starting to complain to the landlord about the "mess" that is being left everywhere. The property management company asked business owners to stop feeding the goose in hopes that she'd leave on her own.

"Everybody's unhappy about the mess and, I mean, I get it," Stewart said. "We clean it up everyday too. I just want her happy."

The bookstore owner has tried to gain the geese's trust and safely trap it to relocate it but has been unsuccessful. She is hoping that the goose will move on eventually but understands that the geese are used to staying in that particular location until the end of spring.

Stewart talked to an animal rescue facility in Lithonia that would take the goose in if they could get her there.

"They chased her yesterday morning at about 10, and by noon she was back over here," Stewart said. "That's how much she wants to find a mate."

So far, no one has a solution for how to properly remove the bird.

Stewart is hoping someone can help soon.

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