The Jackson police officer who alleged she was shot a couple of weeks ago has been arrested.

Sherry Hall turned herself in to authorities Monday and was booked into the Butts County Detention Center, according to a GBI news release. Warrants for her arrest were issued last week.

She's charged with false statements, tampering with evidence, interference with government property and violation of oath of office.

Hall allegedly suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen while on patrol on Sept.13. During interviews about the incident, Hall said a black man shot her and ran into the woods after midnight in the area of Walker Street and Camellia Court when she saw a man on the side of the road.

"Several law enforcement officers from the Jackson Police Department and the Butts County Sheriff’s Office immediately responded to assist in the officer down call," the news release states.

"Sherry Hall alleged through three separate interviews with the GBI that she was shot by a black male subject who was positioned near the wood line at the cul-de-sac on Camellia Court. Sherry Hall further advised that she did not engage her in car video and audio recording equipment."

Officer Sherri Hall

As part of this investigation, the GBI solicited input from the manufacturer of the in car camera system as well as a GBI Digital Forensic Investigator, the news release states. Video and audio evidence was recovered from the hard drive of the unit. After hours of examination of the video evidence, it was revealed that "inconsistences existed with regard to Sherry Hall’s statements, witness statements, physical evidence, and later examination of forensic evidence.

"It was agreed to expand the investigation as it began to appear that Sherry Hall was not in fact a victim of a shooting," the news release states.

During the investigation, GBI officials said Hall failed to reveal that she had an additional departmental handgun. The gun was found and confiscated when a search warrant executed at her home.