Imagine two preschoolers growing up just down the hall from each other and each leaves behind a different legacy. It is a story that comes Straight 'Fromm' the Heart.

Vineville Baptist Morning School is raising these UGA fans young. Fourteen years ago, they took a class pictures, but at the time they didn't know one of their preschoolers would become a football star.

"This little fella he played on this playground, he learned his ABCs, said his pledges, and now, he's between the hedges,” says Tonia Boyd the school’s director.

Boyd is talking about UGA's Jake Fromm.

"Even though I am wearing Roll Tide and did support his first decision,” says Boyd laughing.

No matter what team they root for they are proud to remember him and his classmate.

"But when you have tragic things happen to good people but they make something great of it, that's something to shout about,” says Boyd.

Jay Gaskin passed away when he was just 2 years old from a brain tumor. From there, his family created Jay's Hope to help other families battling cancer.

"They're some of the same folks that supported my family when Jay was in treatment are still walking alongside us and supporting us,” says Jay’s mother Cindy Gaskin.

Years later, they are still supporting them, this time with quarters Fromm the quarterback.

A $574 donation in quarters that the school has been collecting for several years.

"It's bittersweet to come back here but it's a blessing and it blesses me and it blesses those that we serve,” says Gaskin.

It's a donation Fromm the heart that turned out to be a touchdown.

Cindy Gaskin says Jay's Hope will be celebrating their 12-year anniversary in the Spring.