Jeffrey Simmons wants people to know that his brother who shot him in the head was a good man.

The Jones County Sheriff's Office says Alvin Simmons shot his brother at a home on Greene Settlement Road Tuesday.

They found Alvin Simmons' body Wednesday in Lamar County and say he apparently committed suicide.

Jeffrey Simmons said before he was shot, the two had been having a calm discussion about a medical issue.

"A look just came over his face, and it shocked me," he said. "It surprised me. I didn't even know that he had a gun in his pocket."

Jeffrey Simmons was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon, after being shot in the face.

He credits his teeth for his survival.

"The bullet hit my teeth and lodged in the roof of my mouth," he said.

He believes his brother suffered from mental problems and just snapped.

"He had a mental break. A lot of people have mental breaks," he said. "My brother loved me. I loved him. He was a good man."

Simmons said his brother graduated from Georgia Southern, spent 20 years working for Boeing and another 15 at Robins Air Force Base.

"He's always been successful," he said.

Alvin Simmons could build a computer from scratch, he said, and for years, played saxophone with him in a band.

But Jeffrey Simmons also says his brother probably suffered from undiagnosed mental illness. Those problems got worse after a divorce and money troubles.

"He couldn't handle the stress of it," he said.

"I just want people to know he was a good man," he said. "It isn't like he was in a nightclub shooting people."

Simmons says he wanted to speak out to tell people more about his brother and to tell them, "Mental illness is serious."