It's the middle of the week, and sometimes you may need an extra boost to get over the hump.
Students in Jones County told our Yvonne Thomas, they've found something that works for them. A weekly prayer breakfast.

Every Wednesday morning before school, many Jones County students eat breakfast together and pray for one another. “This generation wants to be heard and they want to go out and change the world,” said Jason Wade, Assistant Pastor of Gray and Clinton United Methodist Churches.

Many Jones County students eat breakfast together and pray for one another. “It's easier to get up for this than regular school days because it's something that I really look forward to,” said student Kaylin Curry. “It started back in 2007,” said Wade. “They said if we're willing to meet, would you be willing to come by and spend a moment in prayer?”

That was ten years ago, and what used to be a small gathering is now a full house. “I can tell you this. You can't put a limit on students for their willingness and desire to make a difference in this world,” said Wade. “It just drives you to finish out your week in a positive way,” said Katelyn Miller. “I've learned a lot,” said student Mary Michael. “I've given my life to Christ. I'm ready.”

After breakfast, students take turns giving an uplifting message. And after the benediction, youth leaders from Gray and Clinton United Methodist Churches take them all to school. “We're trying to be able to reach out and get into our communities and let the children come together,” said Wade.

Clinton and Gray United Methodist Churches helped start the program. Youth leaders say the breakfast has become so popular the church is expanding the program to students in Milledgeville.