The Jones County Sheriff's Office says gangs are becoming an increasing problem in Middle Georgia, and they're are doing their best to make sure gang activity stays outside their county's lines.

After a series of investigations linked several crimes together in Jones County, Captain Jimmy Black and a team of investigators realized they had an active gang within their county's borders.

"This was a series of felony crimes perpetrated by one group. The deeper we got into it, they were selling guns, they were selling drugs, they were involved in other various activities," says Black.

Jones investigators worked in conjunction with the District Attorney's office to determine the gang's makeup.

Senior Assistant District Attorney, Dawn Baskin, says the gang referred to themselves as "RamBros," which stands for Running After Millions Brothers.

"Search warrants were done for Facebook and thousands of pages, probably close to 20,000 pages worth of info came in through Facebook that helped identify the individuals that were involved in this gang," says Baskin.

"Of the 20 people we identified in this gang, 19 are under sentence or under indictment as we speak," says Black.

But Black is concerned that gang activity in surrounding counties may trickle into Jones.

Randy Gonzalez with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office says there are approximately 30 gangs and 600 active members in Bibb.

In Baldwin County, Captain Brad King says there are about 10 gangs with more than 200 active members.

"This is something that we're not going to tolerate, we're going to address it here," says Black.

Black says the investigation has been going on for nearly a year, but the Sheriff's office would not comment publicly until they had secured convictions for all the gang members.

He says the last remaining gang member took a plea on Tuesday.