Twenty seven years after a Jones County man shot and killed his sister-in-law, he is scheduled to be executed the same day that the murder took place.

One investigator with the Jones County Sheriff's office says it was his first big case.

In August of 1990, Keith Leroy Tharp and his wife separated, and she moved in with her family.

Then, on September 24, the couple got into a fight.

There was some animosity from Mr. Tharpe to the family for hiding her out, and protecting her from him," Jones County investigator Major Earl Humphries said.

Humphries says the next day, things took a turn for the worse.

Tharpe's wife and her sister Jacquelin Freeman were on the way to work together when Tharpe forced them to stop on a Jones County road.

He forced them out of a car using a shotgun.

That's when he took Freeman to the back of his vehicle and shot her before rolling her and leaving her in a ditch.

"One of the saddest parts of the whole case was that the victim was actually found by her husband who had to explain to his children who were also in the car what happened to their mother," Humphries added.

Humphries says Tharpe left the scene with his wife and ended up sexually assaulting her too.

"He had about the coldest eyes I can remember from anyone I've ever spoken to," he said.

He says even during the trial, Tharpe never showed any sign of remorse.

The jury sentenced Tharpe to death back in 1991.

On Tuesday night, the state plans to carry out his execution, closing the book after 27 years.