A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit by a former Bibb County deputy arguing that Sheriff David Davis is a Klan member who discriminated against him.

In his order dismissing the suit, federal judge Leslie Abrams wrote that Timothy Rivers didn't present any evidence to back up his claims.

Rivers resigned as a Bibb deputy in 2015 after a string of domestic disturbances at his home and a reprimand.

He filed his federal lawsuit the next year against Davis and other members of the department, arguing that he was the victim of racial discrimination.

He described Sheriff David Davis as a "Klan member,"... along with other officers in his department.

The only evidence Rivers cite, according to Abrams, was a picture of Davis "holding a napkin over his face."

<p>Timothy Rivers cited this photo as evidence that Bibb County Sheriff David Davis was a Klan member. A federal judge threw out his lawsuit.</p>

That picture was taken, the judge wrote, when "Davis jokingly made masks for members of the narcotics unit" who had complained about the need to remain anonymous on the department's photo day.

In a written statement to the court, Davis wrote that he's never been a member of the KKK or connected to the group. He said he found white supremacy and the Klan's racist views "repugnant."

Davis' response to the lawsuit said Rivers was transferred off street duty while Internal Affairs investigated a series of six domestic calls to his home.

He was also removed as a K-9 officer because his dog, Arco, had lost weight and seemed unhealthy, Davis wrote.

Rivers asked the judge to award him $5 million.

After suing the county, Rivers also ran for sheriff in 2016 and received about 1,000 votes out of more than 15,000 cast.