Bonaire Middle students came dressed in pairs and groups for Twin Day on Tuesday as part of Red Ribbon Week.

The purpose of this dress-up day was to promoting the need to have a reliable buddy to help battle the peer pressure that comes with drug use.

Students also wear tiny stickers with a much larger meaning. Each one reads, “The future is key, so stay drug free."

Bonaire Middle School counselor Melissa Bourke says it's best to start being aware now.

"They could not say it any better," she said, "this is their future, and if they start making good choices now, the better their futures are going to be."

Bourke says these futures take planning.

She advises her students to think years in advance about their life goals and then think about how using drugs can tarnish these aspirations.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the statistics start young.

By 8th grade, 28 percent of adolescents have consumed alcohol, 15 percent have smoked cigarettes, and 16.5 percent have used marijuana.

All which can be prevented with a proper buddy system. The students agree.

"You can't do things alone, you have to have someone there to motivate you and help you make the right choices," eighth grader Lexi said.

"Your friends can either lead you in the right way or the wrong way,” Madison Jones said.

But this week, students are on the right track to bright futures.

On Wednesday, students are encouraged to dress up as what they hope will be their future professions.