This week's My Teacher is Tops winner has two decades of teaching under her belt. Junior Journalist Alivia Blanton went to Covenant Academy to surprise this week's winner.

Ms. Connie Meadows has been teaching for more than 20 years. Zoe Barker nominated her to be this week’s 13 WMAZ top teacher!

“My teacher is tops because she is extremely nice, she is sweet and kind, she isn't there just to teach she is there to help us,” Zoe read from her letter.

Meadows teaches the sixth grade.

The letter clearly touched Mrs. Meadows.

“I was honored that she would do that, and I love each one of them. And I appreciate that, those words meant a lot to me,” Ms. Meadows said after hearing the letter.

Her students agree that her class is one of their favorites.

“She is very nice and she teaches us in easy ways. She shows us different ways if I do problems in math, she's very nice and I like her, she's one of my favorite teachers,” Colton Rumph explained.

They also say she's funny and tells great stories. One student told 13 WMAZ why she likes them.

“Because it just brings laughter into the classroom and makes us have a better day if we're down,” Emma Clare said.

They like the projects they do as well, including one they just finished to honor veterans.

Want to nominate your top teacher? Just send a handwritten letter to 1314 Gray Highway explaining why your teacher is tops! Remember, neatness counts!