Jennifer Ham brings extra energy to her Mossy Creek Middle School classroom every day.

That’s just one of the reasons 6th grade student Charity Smith wrote the letter to nominate her for the 'My Teacher is Tops' award.

“Every day when I enter the classroom, I can just feel the buzz, cheer, and happiness found in our room,” Charity said.

She says Mrs. Ham is the best teacher she's ever had and made her enjoy math again.

“Usually when I’m in school, I can’t wait for it to be over, and with Mrs. Ham, I just want it to last all day,” Charity said.

She isn’t the only one who thinks that.

“She just radiates happiness,” Nathaniel O'Neill said.

He says Mrs. Ham helps them learn with songs that can get stuck in your head.

“Mode is the most, the mode is the most, the median is the middle, and the mode is the most,” Nathaniel sang.

Mrs. Ham says she tries to make her lessons engaging and loves seeing the light bulb come on when a student finally gets it.

“To think, as a teacher, that you make a difference in your students’ lives, and that’s what it’s all about,” Ham said. “I’m not here to just get a paycheck, I’m here to teach these students.”

Remember if you want to nominate your top teacher, send a one-page, handwritten note explaining why your Teacher is Tops.

Mail it to:

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