This week’s top teacher is a real veteran in the classroom. Mrs. Julie Bloodworth has been teaching students in Pulaski County for generations.

5th grader Brooke Grilliot wrote the letter nominating Mrs. Bloodworth for the award.

“She is the greatest teacher in the whole entire world. I don't know what I would do without the best teacher ever,” Brooke wrote.

Mrs. Bloodworth’s been teaching elementary students for almost three decades.

“Since that first year, I've been in this same room for 28 years,” Bloodworth said.

In her classroom at the end of the hall, she's also taught two different generations.

“Me, my mother, and my sister so far,” Brooke said. She has four other siblings that could be future students, too.

“They have the same traits as their parents did, and they'll come in and say things like, 'You're still here,'” Bloodworth said

Students say she not only wants them to learn, but also to know she really cares about them.

“She will always help me with anything,” 5th grader Jackson Roberts said.

“If any of us are in trouble she'll automatically be there like a superhero,” Brooke said.

Mrs. Bloodworth says her love for her students and her faith motivate her every day.

“Every morning during our quiet time, I pray for my children and I pray for myself that they can do the best they will do today and I will be the best teacher that they need,” Bloodworth said.

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