We were “just curious” about which mushrooms are poisonous versus which ones are safe to eat.

13WMAZ managing editor, Bernie O'Donnell has a few growing in his backyard, and sent the picture below to the newsroom.

There is a fine line between a safe mushroom and a poisonous one, according to UGA County Extension Agent Karol Kelly.

"You've really got to be able to take a spore print and look at the spores in some cases to make a determination between the poisonous and non-poisonous mushrooms," Kelly said.

She says the best way for a person to get ahold of safe mushrooms is to purchase them from a local farmer's market or grocery store.

"I would never recommend people pick something out in the wood or in their backyard," she added.

So, there is no definite answer on how to pick out an edible mushroom. Kelly says, "an edible mushroom that's white can look almost identical to a poisonous mushroom and the poisonous side of it can range anywhere from giving you sever abdominal cramps to killing you."

Moreover, those who are interested in mushrooms and want to work toward being able to identify them on their own can venture out and do so.

"There's a group in Georgia called the Mushroom Club of Georgia, and I would encourage people to look into that if they want to know more about it," Kelly said.

To get more information about the Mushroom Club of Georgia, you can visit their website.

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