Wesleyan College in Macon is known for its diversity as students come from all over the world to pursue their education at the private women's college.

We were “just curious” about how many nationalities are represented on its campus.

There are roughly 19 countries represented on the campus, according to Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion .Tonya Parker.

That's a reflection of last year's statistics, since the new school year started last Monday.

Parker says she first came to Wesleyan as a student.

Back then, she wanted an international experience and chose to live with girls who came to Wesleyan from other countries.

"I've had the pleasure of sharing room space with a student who's from India, as well as a student who was an international exchange student from South Korea," Parker said. "From that experience, I gained two wonderful friendships that I'm still a part of today."

Today, she enjoys navigating students through that same experience.

"They're represented from Nepal, different parts of Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ghana and we also have students from China," she said.

She says she teaches the students how to encounter one another, and to always see each other as human first.

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