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Arthur and Jane Brook married on Dec. 20 1952 and welcomed children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to their family over the course of their life together.

This Valentine’s Day, we were “Just Curious”: what is the secret to keeping the spark alive in a marriage?

Arthur Brook said there is no secret.

“The thing is that it was common values and common goals,” he said. “That’s what we did and it worked.”

Jane Brook said having five children fill the household kept the couple busy and made the time go by quickly too.

A piece of advice she has for young couples on this day of love is to pick a significant other that has similar interests and values, she said.

“Commitment,” Arthur Brook said. “Anything you do commitment is one of the biggest elements there.”

WMAZ first learned of The Brooks last year when a photo of the pair on their prom night in 1949 went viral on Twitter with nearly 60,000 likes, and 20,000 retweets after a highschooler shared the photo on the social network.

The couple met in elementary school and have been together since their first date.

After 65 years of matrimony, Arthur Brook says his favorite aspect of married life is being with Jane.

“Short term memory is a little problem as you get older, but the long term memories sure are sweet,” he said.

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