We were “just curious” about which restaurant made its way specifically to the Macon area and still operates today.

Nu-Way Weiners, Inc. is the oldest, operating restaurant we can find.

The restaurant has been a staple in Central Georgia for over 100 years.

One of the original locations of Nu-Way Weiners on Cherry Street. It op ened in 1948 and closed in 1968 after a fire next door, according to co-owner James Cacavias.

In 1916, the restaurant was a simple hot dog stand in downtown Macon, according to co-owner James "Jim" Cacavias.

"Well, it started with our great-uncle Jim (James) Mallis, and he came as an immigrant to New York and saw hot dogs selling in New York, and when he visited family down here, he noticed there wasn't really any hot dog establishments, so he bought this little grocery store on Cotton Avenue and converted it into a Weiner stand and the rest is history," said Cacavias.

One of the original locations of Nu-Way Weiners on Cotton Avenue.

The restaurant is famous for its red hot dogs, chili sauce, flaky ice, and other trademarks.

Presently, Nu-Way has nine locations with six of them located in Macon, two in Warner Robins and one in Fort Valley.

Co-owner Spyros Dermatas says, "There's only one way to keep it running and that's people."

"We sell hot dogs, hamburgers, and fast foods, but we're in the people business, and without our great managers and employees, this things can't run."

Co-owners and cousins Jim Cacavias and Spyros Dermatas are third-generation owners in the family business.

Macon is known for its rich history, and we are setting out to answer many of the questions we all have about Macon and it's surrounding cities.

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