Dublin's police chief says a group of thieves broke into more than two dozens cars in Laurens County.

Jimmy Thigpen says he woke up to a knock on the door from detectives at 4 a.m. Friday telling him that someone may have broken into his red truck.

“It's kind of upsetting. It kind of made me mad,” says Thigpen.

“When I came out, I noticed my door was open and my inner console was open,” says Thigpen.

When Thigpen took a look inside of his truck, he found his belongings scattered everywhere.

“You can tell that they were in a real big hurry because they just scattered stuff, and when they didn't find what they wanted, I think they just moved on to the next vehicle,” says Thigpen.

Thigpen says he is fortunate to not have anything stolen out of his truck, but Dublin Police Chief Tim Chatman says the thieves hit more than 30 cars in the county and took off with guns and other items.

“That's the scary part -- that you have an intruder coming onto your property under your carport\ to take what you worked so hard to earn,” says Chatman.

The spree lasted around two hours, but officers caught two teens soon after.

The two are siblings and, right now, the pair faces 16 charges.

One of them comes from their mother, after the pair took her vehicle without permission.

“She's taking a bold step to hold them responsible to teach them a lesson. Maybe through all of this, as she put it, it may change their life. It's not the end of their life -- they can turn their lives around if they use this situation as a lesson,” says Chatman.

Thigpen says people can learn from this case.

“Make sure that your vehicle is locked because it could have turned into something a lot more serious, especially if somebody would have came out and caught somebody,” says Thigpen.

Chatman believes that the pair was not alone and there may be two or more suspects still out there.
If anyone has information. You can call the Dublin Police Department at 478-277-5023