We are hours away from 2017 and many of you will be ringing in the new year with celebrations – some of which may involve alcohol.

That means officers are reminding people to make their first resolution to be responsible, and arrive alive.

Our Lori Johnson has more on what officers are doing to keep the roads safe this New Year's Eve.

It's the turn of a new year, a time to kiss another year goodbye. Time to make a whole new batch of new resolutions, and it's also a time when cops are out looking for drivers who have been drinking.

“You know the drinking and driving law is 365 days out of the year, but you know it is brought out especially during New Year’s because it is such a celebratory time,” said Assistant Chief John Wagner with the Warner Robins Police Department.

A celebratory time that could also be a very sobering time as well.

“It never fails that the innocent person driving down the road that hasn't had a thing to drink is the one that ends up getting harmed and God forbid killed,” said Wagner.

He says they are not taking any chances when it comes to keeping the roads safe.

“Drinking is just murder on the road, so yes you have to be careful no doubt. It’s not for the fact that we want to go out there and pick on folks -- our job is to make sure that you are driving on a safe road,” said Wagner.

According to the Georgia Highway Safety website, 2015's holiday travel period from December 23 through December 31 had 36 crashes with fatalities, and four of those were alcohol-related.

“I can't give you the formula for how many drinks can you have. I always hear ‘I just had two.’ But how big were those two that you had?” asked Wagner.

If you are looking to have a good time while drinking this New Year’s Eve, Wagner says you may not have to go far.

“If you are going to drink, stay at home. If you have to get somewhere and drive, have someone else drive for you -- a designated driver that is not drinking themselves. There is nothing worse than the holidays to lose a family member or a friend. Nothing worse than that,” said Wagner.

Because having a happy and healthy 2017 starts with a safe and smart New Year’s Eve.

Wagner says that if you see someone you suspect has been drinking and driving to call 911.