MAYODAN, N.C. -- Rocks left on porches, mailboxes, walking trails, and well scattered all over town are bringing unexpected blessings to those that find them, all thanks to two kids and their grandmother.

Patsy Cardwell and her two grandchildren, Katie, 10, and Jake, 6, have been busy loading up their golf cart with “Blessing Rocks” and making special deliveries all over the town of Mayodan.

The kids decided on their spring break to bring “spring blessings” to their community. It took three days to paint nearly 30 rocks. The kids then worked with their grandmother to paint special words on the rocks. The rocks included phrases like, “Be Kind to One Another,” “Don’t Do Drugs,” “Live, Laugh, Love” and more. Patsy said, “The rocks are special and were made with love.”

But the kids and Patsy, never expected to get the kind of community response as they have seen from more than a dozen painted rocks!

Patsy said, “We placed a few of the rocks on walking trails but some people said they left them for others to find.”
And that’s not all, Deborah Joyce was so overjoyed she posted on her Facebook page, “I walked outside and found a blessing rock on my porch. Thank you for making my day.” Deborah said, her rock had been specially picked just for her and she plans to put it in her classroom.

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Teresa Roberston wrote on Facebook, “God sends precious people just at the right time. My sister and I found these precious reminders after a not so good doctor appointment with our mother. We walked up to the porch and found this rock, “Be Kind.” We both were so touched. Then when I was leaving my sister’s house, right next to my car door was this, rock, “Laugh.” The sweet people who left these have no clue of just how much they mean. God has blessed us. There are wonderful folks left in this world who are teaching generations to care for others, I say thank you but that is no way near enough. God bless you to the folks who left us a “God Wink” today.”

Facebook post of thanks!

One of the rocks was placed outside of a church and has remained there since as the Pastor wanted to bless others who could come across it. But these are just a few of the many Facebook messages Patsy has received.

Katie and Jake have also been blessed by the outpouring of love they have seen all from their random act of kindness.

No doubt, this will be a spring break the Cardwell family will never forget.

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