Many kids in Central Georgia were out of school Wednesday, leaving some parents in a bind, having to either call out of work or find somewhere for their kids to stay during the day.

"Oh no, what are we gonna do?" Tina Stembridge said.

That's what Stembridge thought when she heard her son was going to be out of school for severe weather Wednesday.

"The other two are on spring break, and they go to Monroe County Schools, but my other little guy, he is supposed to be at school today, but we got the call that school was canceled," Stembridge said.

So they decided to take the kids for a day of fun at Pin Strikes in Macon while they wait out the bad weather.

Stembridge is a stay at home mom and her husband was able to take the day off.

But other parents can't take off work that easily.

"We're very busy," Katie Herndon said.

Katie Herndon is an EMT at the Medical Center Navicent Health in Macon. With severe weather, it's a busy day for first responders, a busy day she couldn't miss, so she had to find something to do with her 6-year-old son who was out of school. Luckily her husband, also an EMT, was off Wednesday.

But she says often she and her co-workers have to work together on making sure everyone can make it to work.

"If the other co-workers have a spouse that's off work, sometimes we have to just combine and everybody has big sleepovers," Herndon said.

Herndon worries about her child while she's at work, especially working in severe weather situations.

"You're running calls and you're worried about your patients and what's going on in the town that you're working in, but you're also worried about in the back of your head, your child, and is your child safe," Herndon said.

But regardless of how you spent your day, both Stembridge and Herndon say they're glad their kids are not at school Wednesday.