On Sunday, some kids came to Macon’s Historic Bowden Golf Course with no grasp of the game.

But by the time they left, they had knowledge on the proper way to hit a golf ball.

Former Pro golfer Charlie Rymer stopped by the course to teach young golfers how to play the game.

"You want to get 10 fingers on the grip…that's the best way to start," said Rymer.

In the crowd, kids like 9-year-old Jordan Kinder were taking notes.

Kinder picked up a golf club last month and started coming to this course to play with his grandfather.

"I can see what range I can get to and see how low, and middle I can go," said Kinder.

He says events like these are helpful because it allows him and other young children to get more practice.

Every kid had the opportunity to leave with a hat and golf club to call their own.

For Rymer, this is a full circle moment.

He first picked up a golf club at the age of 5 and says the sport has given him opportunity.

"I'm thrilled that kids have an interest in golf," said Rymer "Who knows, maybe someone here today who never really saw anybody hit a golf club [thought] I really want to learn a little more of that.

Maybe that's a kid that picks it up and gets a scholarship.”

The event lasted two hours, but this moment will hopefully stick with these kids during every birdie, tee off and par they experience.

"I learned how many fingers I'm supposed to hold and the thumb is supposed to go like this," said Kinder.

This is the same golf course that received over $600,000 in SPLOST funds dating back to 2013.

This spring, $340,000 of SPLOST funds are going to renovate the green, bunkers and tees at the golf course.