Little Learners at Vineville Academy are learning about community helpers and the roles that adults play in making the world a better place. On Friday, the entire kindergarten class dressed up as the people they admire.

Lining the halls of Listening Lane, students cheered for their young classmates as they showed off their future selves. With smiles and waves, dozens of kindergarteners walked with pride as future firefighters, police officers, doctors, and more.

“I'm wearing my badge, my VIP pin,” said Chloe Ussery. Five-year-old Chloe chose a profession that's close to her heart. “I want to be a teacher because my mommy's a teacher.”

And Jalei McCall admires the folks who take care of our furry little friends. “I'm a veterinarian because I want to take good care of animals and pets.”

Principal Cindy Graham says this walk is a way for students to see what opportunities lie ahead of them, and to assure them that with hard work and dedication, the possibilities to make a difference in this world are endless.

Principal Graham says along with dressing up as their future careers, students are also learning what it takes to get the jobs they want. That includes early talks about college and trade school.