Fourth of July is our nation's Independence Day, and it’s a national holiday many use as an excuse to get together for some fun in the sun.

“Our family we get together every Fourth of July it normally be at the house in Butler, Georgia, but my cousin Gloria decided to take it to the lake this year,” Patricia Lucas said.

She is just one of the hundreds that came out to celebrate at Lake Tobesofkee, many with their families.

“Got on the grill cooked a couple of ribs, some hamburgers, some chicken,” Antonio Hammond said

He and his family have been coming to this same place every Fourth of July for the past 20 years.

“We just had some good family fun,” Hammond said. “We talked, we laughed, we joked about things from the past just family fun.”

Both Lucas and Hammond agree the family and food is a good time, and both are thankful for those who fight to keep our nation strong.

“Thinking about the troops that are over there doing such a good job for us that’s what its mostly all about,” Lucas said.

The highlight for them and everybody else was above them in the night sky.

“The blasts, the lighting and seeing the children’s faces,” Lucas said.