As we are get ready for these potentially dangerous storms, we are taking a look at the preparations in place here in Central Georgia. Morning reporter Yvonne Thomas spoke to Macon-Bibb EMA Director Spencer Hawkins about how they're preparing for today's storms.

With a second round of severe weather approaching early Wednesday morning, Hawkins says EMA crews are monitoring this storm very closing. They say so should you. Here’s some key points to help you prepare:

First, Hawkins says it’s important to have a severe weather plan and place to seek shelter. Hawkins says the best places to go are in a basement, an interior hall way or closet, or an interior bathroom. “You want to be in a place that’s away from windows,” said Hawkins. “Watch the weather and know when you should get in your safe spot.”

Second, EMA staff says there are several items that you should keep in your home when severe weather hits. Hawkins says have a weather radio handy. Also, he says have plenty of bottled water, non-perishable food items, and flashlights. One item Hawkins says that you should using during severe weather is candles. “You don’t want to use a candle and potentially burn yourself or set something on fire,” said Hawkins. “That could make a severe weather situation even more dangerous.”

Lastly, Hawkins advises everyone to stay off the roads. “This storm has the potential to bring high winds and heavy rain,” said Hawkins. “Our crews will be cleaning up and making sure that everything is safe for you.”

We will be monitoring today's storms all day long on air, online and on social media. For a list of school closing click here. For the latest forecast update click here.