As Hurricane Irma moves closer to Florida, people in Central Georgia are preparing to welcome evacuees.

The be at peace farm is just home to some animals and their owner right now, but in the coming days Wendy Adams, the farms outreach coordinator, says they hope to welcome those fleeing from Hurricane Irma.

They have expertise welcoming those running from big storms.

Last year, they helped those escaping Hurricane Matthew. They found some they helped in a Walmart parking lot.

“We basically sent people to go get them and bring them back to us so we could find them a spot,” Adams said. “It was just an amazing thing to match these people up. Had we not reached out to them otherwise, they would be sleeping in their car for the duration of the evacuation.”

She says that’s their specialty, finding places for people to stay while evacuating who might fall through the cracks.

The help people like the elderly, disabled, or people who can handle crowds. They can also find places for people with pets like dogs and cats or even stalls for horses.

“There are some people who don’t necessarily fit with the regular evacuation model, so they maybe can’t leave without their 7 Chihuahuas,” Adams said.

With her coordination several people have offered hundreds of acres’ land to host R-Vs or tents, while others are offering up rooms in their homes.

“The bible tells us to love our neighbor, and to me there’s no better way to do that then to open up your home and give them the opportunity to share what little you have,” Adams said.

If you want to offer your home or land click here.